KHRONICLE professionals are certified and highly trained leading advisors in management consulting.  We are based in the U.S. servicing mid-to-large performing global enterprise across multiple industries.  KHRONICLE is best known for bringing the right experience to partner with organizations in setting strategic direction, achieving operational efficiency, bridging business and regulatory compliance, while maintaining and enabling critical information technology.  We are a boutique consultancy in the business of redefining what true value and sustainability means in our clients' workplace and communities worldwide.

Our History

KHRONICLE professionals gained foundational knowledge, financial know-how, and leadership principles at "Big 8" and "Big 4" public accounting and audit firms.

Select professionals organically joined forces to exchange ideas and action new ways to improve management consulting services and advice to executives and management.

Proven leaders with solid track records of success officially formed KHRONICLE Partners, Inc. - gaining immediate market recognition and engagement from Global 1K companies.

Expanding our reach across industries, KHRONICLE is gaining a formiddable reputation for providing quality and market-leading services for multi-national enterprises.

Fierce Passion For Growth

Top Priority = Client Success

KHRONICLE's rich history reflects a distinctive blend of trailblazing professionals providing progressive and sophisticated services to executives.  Spanning over three decades of global hands-on management consulting experience, KHRONICLE professionals have honed-in on the most cost-beneficial and pragmatic methods of providing advice and engagement delivery across diverse organizational cultures.  We're not constrained by overhead or physical location, because our focus is on client environments.   Below  are our client locations:

Functional + Industry Knowledge

KHRONICLE focuses on the most critical issues our clients face in their respective industries and market.  To achieve true value and results, we position our functional depth and industry experience to cross-sect within our client's targeted environment(s).

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Where theories are tested, insight extracted and ideas are born.

Learning is a continuous belief and practice at KHRONICLE.  We encourage debate and embolden new ways of yielding success for decision-making executives.  Based upon a formative notion that principles of management should constantly be challenged while discipline and hard work remain persistent.

#TheProvingGround is a collaborative culture in which KHRONICLE leaders and professionals take time to scrutinize the quality of our capabilities and audit the cost-benefit of our offerings.  It serves as our conceptual "think-tank" of hypothesis and solutions, introspective of our goal to provide effectual advice to client organizations.  

KHRONICLE's internal objectives are to: promote leaders who serve, realize ideas from visionaries, provide resources to grow, and trust in the power of teamwork.  #TheProvingGround is where it all happens.



Corporate Address (WEST)

17595 Harvard Suite C550

Irvine, CA 92614


Corporate Address (EAST)

244 Madison Ave. Suite 177

New York, NY 10016


Phone:  (646) 665-7163

Email:  info@khronicle.com